Heritage Bank (WA) Reviews


Heritage Bank is a Washington bank which has large assets in the state. You can read consumer reviews about the bank on this page. If you are already a customer of the bank you can write a review for the bank. The bank is providing good services for those who are seeking for credit and credit card products. They have good credit card and mortgage opportunities as a regional bank. You can get more information about those services from Heritage Bank. The bank headquarters is located in a city where is called Olympia.

The bank has generally good reviews for mortgage and other loaning products. However there are some complaints about some of credit card products of Heritage Bank. These complaints are generally about the interest rates. The bank has good customer care. They provide customer support through online banking, email, phone and through branches.

Heritage Bank Info

HQ: Olympia, WA, United States
Assets: $5 Billion (approx.)
Location of Branches: Regional
    • Mortgage
    • Auto Loans
    • Investment
    • CD
    • Online & Mobile Banking
    • Saving Accounts
    • Checking Accounts
    • Credit Cards

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